16 Apr 2017

Flashback to April 2009

These posts are still relevant after 8 years!
  1. Running for Office -- Trump isn't fit for a water board in the same way Devin Nunes is an idiot (he appears in Man-made Drought)
  2. LADWP Raises Rates -- a massive fail I discuss further here.
  3. Perception vs. Reality on water use in Canada. Related: Behavior Modification (not!), Read This Paper on Demand Management!Dangerous Consultants (fail), Water is Too Cheap! vs The Value of WaterHow to Live on LessMehan Speaks Truth!Misleading Headlines (demand down, $/unit up?!)
  4. Two good films: Thirst and Water First
  5. The Black Swan -- The Review -- we don't understand risk. Neither do Water Buffaloes
  6. Water for Sale -- The Review -- if 90% of utilities are public and many of their customers without safe water, then shouldn't we consider the private alternative? Related: Why Nobody Listens to (Some) Enviros and Give Rob Davis a Pulitzer
  7. Hype vs. Reality -- the Delta "thing" has been debated for awhile. Related: Latinos Marching for Capitalists (amazing astroturfing example), My Talk on the Peripheral CanalStrangling the Water BankThe Delta's Levees Will Fail and Whose Money for the Salton Sea? (Farmers!)
  8. One More Thing -- the politics of water and special interests. Leshy on Water (laws)
  9. What Good Are Economists? They can tell you that Human Rights and Water is BS and that Why Markets Are FairCan Water Be Severed from Land? Maybe.
  10. Something for the Deep Ecologists -- should California use desal for ALL its water, leaving natural flows for the environment? Related: Monopolistic Conservation and Economy vs. Environment 2
  11. Over-capitalization and SustainabilityWe are Unequal -- and Staying that Way and Shantytowns and Growth
  12. Where's the Beef? Floating on 12,000 gallons of water
  13. Innovation is HARD ... but I keep trying!
... but I've changed my mind on these
  1. Picture of the Year -- low exports from the Delta do not mean harmless, which is why Sustainable SoCal would import ZERO water,
  2. Water Budgets make no sense when water in aggregate is scarce

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