9 Apr 2017

Flashback to April 2008

These posts are still relevant after 9 years!
  1. Dissertation Done! It's still a good read on water mismanagement in Southern California and free to download (over 2,000 people already have!)
  2. Water Games? Go play... and learn
  3. Voting Rules and Results -- one man one vote may be inefficient (Imperial to Split? Didn't but should), but Poverty IS Different -- especially when Rice at Twice the Price (due to politics), World Food Prices Up and Arbitrage Failure? threatens food security
  4. Private versus Public utilities. Neither is better as regulation is what matters most
  5. Dams will NOT fix water problems for farmers, who do NOT Benefit from Ethanol. Related: Kill Biofuels and Bush Acknowledges CO2 (from The Onion) and Save a Tree for Who?
  6. Cost and Benefit of Dams and why Hetch Hetchy dam (storing San Francisco's water) should stay but Local Burdens and Clean Tap Water (i.e., MOST water infrastructure) should be funded by locals (not others). That's why IID farmers should pay for Toilet Restoration
  7. More Reactionaries Compromise is necessary! Coachella Reactionaries (to Revolution in Coachella) are wrong as are farmers who want to Eat Your Cake and Have It or farmers who Beggar Thy Neighbor via "competitive well drilling"
  8. Property Rights and Takings -- there's a place for eminent domain in taking over land and water, but the Public Trust should always take priority for some water (Related: Hijacking the Everglades? Ecosystem Services under Strain and protect Rivers in Danger not jobs). For the rest, Water Markets (and Water Markets 2) have a role in balancing Demand and Supply of Water and making farmers $$ via Water Trades (like this one From Farms to Cities)
  9. Two Opinions -- water managers getting climate change wrong. Native Americans, OTOH, know How to Manage a River
  10. Conservation RatesVegas on the MoneyWater in California, and Conservation Rates 2 -- price water for scarcity! Then Gallons per LightbulbState, Market and ToiletsGreen Power and Water, and other energy-water nexus ideas wouldn't matter. Related: Decisions Have Consequences
  11. Nicely Nestle? and McCloud or McD's? How NOT to negotiate with Nestle
  12. Sustainable Development is worth understanding. The Death of a Salmon Run has come to pass (April 2017)
  13. Antisocial Punishment across Societies -- fascinating research
I've changed my mind on these
  1. Why Bother? Yes, act correctly, but also pursue policies that will "help" others do the same
  2. Desalination Sometime Poseidon's desalination plant in San Diego is merely an excuse for more growth (previewed here in Desalination in the LA Times and in total contradiction of so-called "Smart Growth")
  3. Saving a Sacred River (India's Ganges) may now be possible since (2 weeks ago!) India's courts awarded its rivers (and a number of other environmental locations) "personhood"
  4. Water in Israel is like water in California, except that I forgot to emphasize how the Palestinians are screwed in the same way as the Mexicans are screwed

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