28 Mar 2017

Read these articles!

I read a lot. These articles are worth your time:
  1. Bill Gates is wrong to recommend "chickens" as a development strategy
  2. The awards for bad sex in fiction have gone to some terrible writing
  3. 29 years of populism
  4. Disengage from the Trump spectacle and bond with family and community
  5. American taxes are complicated because "tax preparer lobbying" (smoking gun)
  6. Where do Trump supporters trolls hang out?
  7. An excellent "caution" on the limits to water footprinting
  8. Authoritarianism (top down) vs human capital (bottom up)
  9. Every attempt to manage academia makes it worse
  10. "New Zealand declares a river a person" Property rights for nature!
And... hot off the World Bank's press: "Carbon Tax Guide : A Handbook for Policy Makers." It's not too late for carbon taxes! They're always handy!

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