1 Mar 2017

Links of interest

  1. A Guatemalan community preserves its biosphere
  2. The rise of Europe was helped by competition among states in the presence of common information flows
  3. A law professor takes on "speeding cameras" and their weird (illegal) legal justifications
  4. The tracking data of your Fitbit (or mobile phone) may be used against you
  5. Cities may not deserve their "efficiency" label if they reflect, rather than make, elites, but Basic Income may do the most to help people live in smaller, better communities
  6. A loss of statistics may mean a loss for democracy
  7. The Washington Consensus actually makes a lot of sense (regulation to protect safety, limit banks, etc.) -- too bad people say it as a pejorative without knowing what it is.
  8. Containing Trump (by addressing the pains of his supporters) and thinking more about whether "liberalism" [I disagree on its use here] is to blame
  9. Forget empathy. Try sympathy
  10. Mixing politics and economics is like mixing alcohol and driving when it comes to the costs of health care, education, etc.

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