25 Mar 2017

Flashback to March 2010

These posts are still relevant after 7 years!
  1. Aging infrastructure and beauty contests. Bigly true. Related: The fascist two-step (Venezuela gets a mention!)
  2. Farm Water Success Stories and Free water and Father Christmas
  3. Economic oxymorons -- you're not forced to work... unless you want to consume. Related: Does a latte cost a few trees? and Minimizing individual water consumption
  4. Collective action at home -- this seems to be the start of what's turned into a paper on "teaching the commons". Also read Self-interest and community
  5. Who are beggars? They are not who you think they are. Related: Poll Results -- Love your neighbors
  6. Carbon additionality is stupid
  7. Water and human rights -- overview -- this topic is STILL badly understood or abused (Politicians extending their monopoly)
  8. Feinstein's special special interests -- when she cared about farmer subsidies (does she still?). Related: Speaking of Other People's MoneyBill to Stop Farmers from Selling Water and Water is money is politics
  9. Speed blogging -- drought edition -- same old stuff: dams farmers can't pay for, "emergency aid" and Australia as an inspiration (listen to Water chat with Adam LochWater chat with Tom Rooney and Water chat with Mike Young)
  10. Humans have things to learn from dogs and Who is responsible? A moral question

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