11 Mar 2017

Flashback to March 2008

These posts are still relevant after 9 years!
  1. Local Heat -- climate change is coming! much closer!
  2. Posner on Water -- he gets it wrong
  3. Crushing the Galapagos (via tourism and excess migration)
  4. Burning Money to Save Water in San Diego
  5. How Many Bottles? Too many. Put a deposit on plastic bottles!
  6. Water and Public Trust -- legal battles have prevented reform in California
  7. Virtual Water -- how to do it right (here's my chat with Allen)
  8. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, i.e., government lobbying
  9. Dean Kamen's Water Machine did indeed fail due to high costs
  10. Arctic Meltdown will be bad... yes.
  11. The Economist Has No Clothes (= missing economics of the environment)
  12. Dirty Food Can the market protect you better than the regulator?
  13. China and Resources -- they are SLOWLY dialing back from waste
  14. You Want Lox wit Dat? The Feds must reconcile fishing and farming claims on water
  15. Water Prices up 14% but not enough
  16. Fighting for Labels of Nothing -- Monsanto's deception
  17. Conversation with My Dad (part one), i.e., "peak humanity" may be near
  18. Water Wisdom from Kenneth Boulding
  19. Drugs in Water won't help you
  20. Your Stuff -- and Terrorism -- and we're still not out of Iraq! :(
  21. Lease a Forest, Save a Tree -- gotta pay to protect!
  22. Developers Drive SD off a Cliff (and San Diego is still growing!)
  23. The Farm Bill Must Die -- one of my favorite posts ever
  24. China Exports Dams = not good for the environment or locals
I'd write these posts differently today:
  1. Ethanol Solution is a Lie -- Renewables became competitive very quickly!
  2. The Long Emergency Energy is not the issue, but climate change
  3. Vegas versus Imperial -- I thought that Imperial ID would have sold (some of) its water to Vegas long ago, but I underestimate the stopping power of lawyers and power-hunger of politicians standing in the way of mutually beneficial trades.
  4. Six cheap ways to save the Earth -- I'd add go vegan, no kids and carbon taxes!
  5. NorCal Called -- Wants Its Water Back -- well, that didn't work!
  6. Bush the Genius -- $4/gallon gas was bad for the people, but Obama lowered it to $2?

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