14 Mar 2017

Dutch elections are tomorrow

Dutch politics are complicated due to institutions that (a) allow people to vote for any party in a national "jurisdiction", (b) the ease at which small (one member) parties can enter the popular chamber (de Tweede Kamer), and (c) the near-certainty that several parties must join into a "ruling coalition" to collect enough seats to support a prime minister (Minister President).

I cannot vote in the election tomorrow since I am not a Dutch citizen, but I am very hopeful that Geert Wilders's (populist, nationalist, racist) Freedom Party will (despite receiving donations from American conservatives) have weak results.

To help you learn more about the election, I recommend this video by LUC students. If you want to see the connections between Wilders and Trump, then watch this:

To learn what's at stake for young Dutch citizens, I recommend this one:

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