9 Feb 2017

The future of cities -- the review

This 18-min film just blazes by, but it really shows how cities can (and should) evolve. It also shows how collaborative projects (like Life Plus 2 Meters) can work so well.

Bottom Line: I give it FIVE stars for vision, style and inspiration based on what's actually happening. (We are going to Japan in July, and I'm excited to explore this "elegant civilization".)

Also highly recommended is this "School of Life" video on How to Make an Attractive City, which looks at what worked as an inspiration of what to do.


DM said...

Curious what your thoughts on the future of cities video & its application to “second tier” and smaller cities. All of the cities it shows are megatropolises (in some cases built surprisingly fast). How do smaller cities encourage the types of innovation shown in the video, for example where the need for density isn’t as pronounced (i.e., land values produce a market result where people build out rather than up). Just curious if you had any thoughts on that.

David Zetland said...

Although "out" may make sense from a land-value perspective, I really think that smaller cities ALSO need to focus on "human interaction density", so that people are meeting rather than fighting over parking places. Thus, more pedestrian areas and public squares (NOT malls) that are crossed by commuters, open to kids and the elderly, etc.

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