8 Feb 2017

Links of interest

  1. Incentives in action: Vancouver's "Chinese house buyer's tax" shifts demand to Seattle and Toronto
  2. Fascinating. Check out economic diversity and student outcomes at US colleges/universities
  3. The list of "open access" publishers continues to grow. Most of them are frauds charging $$ to publish peer-reviewed bot-processed, garbage papers, but -- sadly -- Jeffrey Beall's list of them has been taken down. Caveat emptor!
  4. Corrupt leaders are the cause of money leaving poor countries for rich countries
  5. "Directors' obligations are to the company, not today's shareholders"
  6. "Living in Switzerland ruined me for America's lousy work culture"
  7. Why choose Trump (or other populists)? "Liberalism has been an enormous moral, political, and economic success. But it has not achieved what seemed easiest of all: convincing those who grow up under it of its moral legitimacy and practical effectiveness in comparison to alternatives. Worse, it seems that those who grow up in the prosperous cocoon of a liberal society may be especially prone to political risk-taking. An uninhibited politics in which everything is permitted has a heady appeal, especially for those who have never had to worry about its risks."
  8. The Canadian Dream is stronger than the American Dream (your children doing better than you), and it has a lot to do with the neighborhood you grow up in. (Amsterdam and many Dutch cities are better at mixing income groups, which increases economic and social mobility.)
  9. Pakistan's government is helping a coal mine dump its waste onto communal farmlands.
  10. Coyote on why Trumpian "economic" policies will look like action but fail to deal with real issues and how NOT to make climate policies.

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