22 Feb 2017

Links of interest

  1. I am a migrant to the Netherlands, as I plan to stay here. An "expat" is someone who intends to return to their home country, but it's also a racially-tinged word that separates white folks from darker folks.
  2. Journalism may have missed Brexit and Trump b/c it was focussed on details rather than the big picture. These guys are trying to make up for that mistake.
  3. Use — and Abuse — of Science in Water Resource Policy and Management
  4. Life under Trump as America's demagogue dictator and the replacement of the American liberal order with competing great powers (whoops, a world war!),* due to America losing its identity
  5. A Polish version of On the Road, set in Ukraine
  6. The founder of a clothing brand explains why "the real price" for jeans is $245
  7. Finland is paying the unemployed a basic income that will NOT go away if they get jobs
  8. The Dutch started tracking sea levels in 1683. Related: The Dutch will partner with Japan and UNEP to run a Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation
  9. "Why the elites always rule" -- the insightful work of a brilliant economist
  10. A Romanian in Amsterdam explains why it's so hard for her to go "home" (I feel the same about SF/the US).

* I have to say that I think that America's decline as a liberal (freedom for individuals) started after 2000 *or* after 1932. After some recovery under Obama, Trump has kicked it in the head.

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