15 Feb 2017

Links of interest

  1. Looks like Tom Wolfe is channeling Trump's analytical skills
  2. Russian buries real news in fake news until you doubt ALL news
  3. Why does Trump keep lying? His supporters don't even care about truth (protip: best to engage them on what they do care about, e.g., jobs or security)
  4. Economic Rockstar's Best of 2016 (part 1) is a good intro to this interesting podcast
  5. Trump and Republicans will repeal as many regulations as possible because regulations only have costs and no benefits
  6. The human foundations of prejudice are deep... and easy to manipulate
  7. US tax returns are complicated due to lobbying by tax-preparation services
  8. Navaho power station (7th largest GHG emitter in the US) may close due to the War on Coal loss of market share to natural gas 
  9. An interview with the folks running the "Alt National Park Service" twitter account and Canadian scientists offer to help US scientists deal with executive censorship 
  10. Republicans kill law to avoid corruption in the oil sector. Make American Corrupt Again!

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