11 Feb 2017

Flashback to February 2009

These posts are STILL relevant after 8 years:
  1. Anti-Capitalists, i.e., Food and Water Watch's myopic ideology. That's because the REAL question in Private vs Public Water Provision is whether the regulators are doing their job! As a counter-example, read this Cochabamba Update
  2. Environmentalists against Delta Exports -- still, and still because farmers claim they need exemptions from regulations due to Rain Delay, and anything else they can imagine...
  3. International Water Pricing -- some case studies abroad
  4. Expensive Water Increases Conservation as an example in California
  5. Water Markets in ColoradoSpeaking of Australia and Macro Water Demand
  6. Yes, Regulate Groundwater in California -- it's happening, kinda, by 2022?
  7. Insuring against Incompetance..., i.e., charge water managers if they fail (my solution here [pdf])
  8. Quiz: Midwestern Eutrophication
  9. Water Chats -- Hasencamp of MWD (about water imports)
  10. Water Chats -- Orange County (on efficient landscaping and water pricing)
  11. Water Chats -- IID and Joe Tagg and Water Chats -- IID Staffers (about irrigating in the desert)
  12. Related: Why IID Is Dysfunctional (still), SoCal Photo Essay and Bizarre SoCal Photos
  13. Business Cycles -- government stimulus is not for you, but crony capitalists. Related: Drought and Economic Meltdown should push for innovations, but nothing is done, just as nothing is done to adopt novel solutions (e.g., Persistance -- and Baggs)
  14. Conservation Pricing for BusinessesRationing Means RevolutionFinancing Efficiency, and So How to Set Prices?
  15. Water Wikis -- all three appear to be out of service. Go wikipedia?
  16. Bumper Sticker Aguanomics (e.g., water for people, not lawns)
  17. Seven Steps to Brilliant Teaching -- I do 3 & 6 but not 1, 2 and 4 (nuances) or 5 (dept politics). #7 is a good idea, though.
  18. Dealing with the Police (laws don't all make sense... like water policy)

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