14 Jan 2017

Should I stop flashbacks?

I'm not sure anyone wants to read old blog posts (even if they are good), because I don't know if people are even reading new ones.


Edit: I've restarted the feed ("tweet new posts") and will carry on with flashbacks. Thanks for all the feedback. It's helpful when I'm stuck in my echo chamber :)


  1. I crosspost my blog posts to Facebook and Twitter because there's sway more engagement there.

    And I read your posts!

  2. Flash backs add value for someone like me with less than perfect memory. And extractors can always ignore them, so no value lost with them. It's that simple.

  3. I think Flashback should continue - I find it quite useful! Thanks.

  4. Maybe summarize old posts or make a spreadsheet/table with the summary of the post and then when the outcome is true or false send out the table with a link and the result.

    If you are a reading junky like me and are signed up to 50+ econ and geology blogs I get frustrated with some who send out countless videos (I hate videos because I can read a post in a few minutes, skip parts, just read the conclusion etc, but I have to sit and watch a 7 min vid just to find out...which I dont. I find those who make videos too lazy to write).

    My OCD with learning forces me to check the contents of each email I get so it takes time to filter out the ones that are not worth reading or to read later.

  5. Sharing my perspective on posts and methods of sharing info. I realize everyone engages social media and blogs in different ways, si my perspective is only mine and doesn't represent t the other 2500 who are registered to Aguanomics.

    First, Aguanomics is unique when it focuses on the economics of water. And I pay attention because of that.

    Second, I have cultivated my Twitter feed to filter news almost exclusively to water. I spend about 10-15 min each day scrolling twitter for interesting articles. There are usually more than I can read in a day, my times is pretty limited ( job with lots of travel and field work, living overseas, and 3 kids). So I don't always have time to check Aguanomics. I read them when the headline looks relevant for me.

    Third, I appreciate Twitter because i use it as a network of professionals in the water sector. I have come to know people through that network who I learn from.

    I am not following you (David) as much as Aguanomics and the ideas and insights you bring to the water sector. Often the posts are very good. I don't agree with everything you post, but that's partly why I read it. Sometimes it comes across as "I told you so", which is what makes most economists annoying.

    So, recommendations, from my view:
    1. Announce your new posts on Twitter with a brief intro.
    2. On the Aguanomics daily mail, put a summary of your post with some details, or ideally the full post so I don't have to click further.
    3. As for "flashbacks".
    Some of them are great, but I don't go scrolling for them. If you post it as a specific flashback with a brief intro, I sometimes read. If there is no intro, I won't click.

  6. I read them from time to time - there's definitely value in looking back and noticing what's still relevant, or reconsidering posts in light of how things have shaped up, etc. Thanks!


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