25 Jan 2017

Links of interest

  1. Useful Q&A on private sector participation in water services
  2. The legal issues complicating groundwater management in India are not too different from those of California
  3. In 2017, maybe you should spend more time creating beauty around you?
  4. Steven Pinker: The natural state is chaos and decay, so don't be surprised when it happens and do work to overcome it!
  5. Ants do not "manage" like humans with roles, but in a distributed "ANTarchy"
  6. "Why time management is ruining our lives"
  7. "Political correctness: how the right invented a phantom enemy"
  8. To do math right, you need to be creative
  9. Trade and innovation are very similar: big benefits come with SOME costs
  10. Belgium doesn't do well in a simulated war with the Netherlands. Here's to peace!
And here are a few to read now that Trump is running after Putin like a horny teenager:

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