18 Jan 2017

Links of interest

  1. My Barcelona talk on water and climate change for Iranian Entrepreneurs (slides PDF and audio MP3)
  2. "Bernie Sanders: Where We Go From Here"
  3. "Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste"
  4. Growing palm oil production is destroying local and global environments. Those who want to stop it are killed by corporate assassins in corrupt Malaysia and Indonesia.
  5. Trump wants to fire everyone who knows anything about climate change and he can destroy the world in several ways. Bad.
  6. They call it fake news. I call it lying. Where are the lawyers when you need them?
  7. Instagram's privacy policy, revised so a 12 year old can understand it
  8. The internet is MORE important for the poor because they substitute friends for money
  9. Will utilities screw up electric cars like they did solar?
  10. The rise of reactionaries (and why they are not conservatives)

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