11 Jan 2017

Links of interest!

Many more adverts aimed at your conscience
  1. The Dutch are trying to ban "apping op fiets" (using your phone while riding a bike). Good idea, but hard to enforce with addicted people...
  2. If you haven't quit Facebook, you might after reading all the ways FB manipulates the content you see EVERYWHERE
  3. The life of a typical American, week by week
  4. Seventy-five percent of the wealth of American billionaires is from "rents" -- i.e., government favors and connections corruption
  5. Extinction is bad, but so is the 80-90 percent drop in birds, butterflies, etc. populations
  6. "Advice for Young Muslims: How to Survive in an Age of Extremism and Islamophobia"
  7. "Stop Calling Us Warriors" says a US soldier
  8. Grades might matter for jobs, but probably not
  9. "A history of global living conditions in 5 charts"

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