5 Jan 2017

Links of interest!

I've been busy finding cool things for y'all to read :)
  1. "Pope's climate push is 'raving nonsense' without population control"
  2. "The Mosul Dam is failing. A breach could kill 1.5 million people"
  3. "The Many Faces of Global Migration" from Gallup
  4. "Why Is the Rent So Damn High?" (Matt wins)
  5. "Inside Amazon's clickworker platform" -- and the AI they are training
  6. What do actual aid recipients say? Better things than Jeff Sachs!
  7. "Argentina on Two Steaks A Day" (some people can barely get by...)
  8. From the end of the Fairness Doctrine to the planned rise of Faux News (and the like)
  9. "A reflection on Barack Obama’s presidency"
  10. Privacy Badger [from EFF] blocks spying ads and invisible trackers
H/T to MV

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