19 Jan 2017

Having an opinion doesn't mean you're right

H/T to enviroecon

Note to readers: Someone said it was "a little annoying" that I sometimes point out when I'm right ("like an economist would"), but I only do this because I am constantly checking on myself, to see if I'm understanding how current trends will turn out or if people will gravitate towards a position or belief. I make claims or predictions in the same way as you might place a bet or buy shares. Those actions force you to face black and white changes in your wallet, which tend to percolate up to the brain. I also, of course, try to admit when I am wrong (help me out if I don't!) or when I've changed my mind. This is not just a useful lesson in humility; it's a good way to help people see that you're willing to face facts.

I talk about being right or wrong in public (and on the blog) because my professional/public intellectual reputation depends on (a) being right, (b) learning from mistakes and (c) separating opinion from fact.

I'm curious how you deal with being right or wrong -- or do you never take a side that loses?