9 Jan 2017

Can you help me be more effective in helping you?

I've been working on water-, environment- and community-related political economy for nearly 15 years now, and I've tried many things.

It's hard to know what works or doesn't, since I am not selling burgers or books but giving away ideas.

As a teacher, I know that ideas can lead to different changes in different people. Some people will adopt the idea 100 percent because they hadn't thought of it. Others will line up my ideas against their own experiences and beliefs, perhaps changing a little here and there to get closer to their vision of how the world works or should be. In some cases, ideas have a greater impact because people take them into their communities and change other peoples' ideas and opinions.

But I don't know what works for who or where. Sometimes people tell me that my ideas helped them. Usually, I don't hear anything even though my ideas (or funny jokes!) may have had an impact.

So this "known unknown" is why I am asking for your help -- just as I ask my students for their feedback or ideas for improving my teaching -- on any of my activities (aguanomics, Life Plus 2 Meters, my talks and outreach or my academic work).

So, please email me or leave comments on any of the following questions:
  1. What can I do to improve my current activities?
  2. What activities are not so useful (I should do less of them)?
  3. What new ideas, people or activities should I look into?
Please remember that I am only trying to help people help themselves, as water policy (and environmental policy and community resilience) are all determined by local people working together...

Bottom Line: I want to produce the most benefit for you, with the lest (wasted) effort from me!