5 Dec 2016

Monday (not) funnies

The Dutch "tradition" of Zwarte Piet (Black Piet) dates back to the 1850s when slavery was still legal (and accepted). The interesting point of this video is its clarification of some Dutcher's vehement defense of blackface: many Dutch associate it with their childhood excitement and happiness.

I see no reason why today's Dutch children need to grow up with men in blackface. They can be happy with any version of a gift-giving sidekick to Sinterklaas.

Addendum: The EU network against racism debunks just about every "defense" of Zwarte Piet.


  1. I've heard about this and am quite baffled by it too. The prime minister's defense is terrible.

  2. That was a great discussion of the Swarte Piet controversy. I am amazed that the tradition has lasted so long...specially in otherwise politically-correct, socially-liberal Nederland. Maybe the Dutch see Sinter Klaas as an equal opportunity employer. The history was particularly illuminating. And Sinter Klaas can be considered an embarrassing reminder of Spanish oppression. How does the kids song go? Hij kompt op een stomboot uit Spanje eran?


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