21 Dec 2016

Introducing the City Water Project!

I'm working with four students on a project to empower local groups seeking to promote (their good) or improve (their bad) water quality.

Watch this video (in HD, with subtitles of your choice) to learn more.

This project is just emerging from beta testing, and we're looking for partners in new cities. Check out the website for more!

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David Zetland said...

Fb emails...

Hi, These students sound like Americans. Are they visiting Nederland?

btw the press seems to be locked into very expensive remediation of domestic drinking water quality including city pipe replacement, particularly to deliver lead-free water. Even if the one gets the city's lead levels down to acceptable levels, the family needs to flush out the lead in the soldered joints of the house pipes before the water is usable. A more expeditious approach is to install an RO system for $100-300 in the home.

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