14 Nov 2016

Monday funnies

Perhaps a little post-modern perspective on our new world order?
Prinn, Stephen Q. J. (2016). "Marxist capitalism, capitalism and surrealism," J. Postmodern WTF, vol 12(3):23-33.

1. Expressions of rubicon

The primary theme of the works of Fellini is not materialism, as surrealism suggests, but submaterialism. Bataille suggests the use of the postcapitalist paradigm of narrative to attack sexual identity.

It could be said that Sontag uses the term ‘textual narrative’ to denote a structural reality. Lyotard promotes the use of predialectic nationalism to deconstruct archaic perceptions of society.

Thus, the premise of surrealism states that context comes from the collective unconscious. Derrida uses the term ‘cultural neodialectic theory’ to denote the difference between sexual identity and society.

In a sense, if textual narrative holds, the works of Fellini are empowering. Marx suggests the use of surrealism to analyse and read class.
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