17 Nov 2016

All studies intending to use a virtual water strategy to solve problems of water scarcity may stop now.

That's one of the conclusions of this straightforward paper [pdf], which explores how food (and other) production requires more inputs than just water (land, labor, capital, etc.) to be efficient and sustainable.

This critique is exactly the same as my critique of energy-water nexus perspectives. Their focus on energy/water interactions (rather than all uses contributing to "overuse") means that the analysis is biased and probably wrong.

H/T to MV


  1. This is a nice one! Can we have one like this for the nexus discourse?

  2. I think I've penned this matter down pretty well in two chap 6 appendicies of my 2016 Water Resource Econ text. Addressed there are water multipliers, water footprints, and virtual water.
    Ron Griffin, waterecon.com


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