29 Oct 2016

SoS: Oct 2015

These posts are still useful one year (or more) later. Please comment on the original if you have updates on progress or deterioration...

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  1. On the water recycling post: The update from California is that the State wants to make conservation permanent everywhere even after the drought breaks, as the new normal. Just like with recycling, if the conserved water is already spoken for with a downstream use, its just reallocation, not new water that can be allocated without having new externalities that must be addressed.....your bottom line that recycling is good for drought resilience, not as the new normal is just as true for conservation as the new normal. If it all gets allocated and used long-term, instead of serving its historic, less efficient, use (i.e., keeping the upstream waters/aquifers fresh) there may be no resilience left when we next need it. Where you are matters, one size does not fit all (well).


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