19 Apr 2016

Making a market for meaninglessness

I know EXACTLY what you mean Kim!
The app revolution has been helpful in some ways but trivial in many others. That's why I'm here with a new idea for an app -- celebrity beep (CB) -- that will contribute to one or both of these outcomes.

CB has two types of users:
  • Celebrities (as opposed to stars) who are famous for being famous. They are the "service providers" who can join for free. Celebs then set a beep price.
  • Normal people who are bored and want attention. They are the "service users" who download the app for free. They pay if a celeb responds to their beep.
The app works as follows:
  1. A user "beeps" a celeb with up to 140 characters of PG-rated request
  2. The celeb responds within 24 hours with a text and selfie to get paid
  3. Beeps and responses are posted on the public CB-feed
  4. The CB creator takes a 10 percent cut of the beep price
Bottom line: Let's help attention seekers find each other, for a fee!

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