1 Feb 2016

Got ideas on how to reduce NRW? Win a prize!

This lauches today:
Dreampipe, a major British government-funded, multi-year innovation prize, was launched today, aiming to stem the amount of water lost in developing countries through leakage, meter inaccuracies and unauthorized use.

The initiative will spur improved ways of mobilising funding to reduce the vast amounts of 'non-revenue water' (NRW) – the difference between water entering the system and water billed to customers – in developing countries
I find it ironic that they are targeting NRW in developing countries when English water companies leak about 20 percent of their water and about 5 percent of bills go unpaid (cumulative debt is over GBP 2 billion).

More information here.


  1. Hi David,

    While I agree with you that there is lots of room for improvement in reducing NRW in the UK, the NRW problems in South Asia, Africa and much of Latin America are far worse. I studied cities in India with NRW exceeding 50% and I'm convinced that they were not that atypical.

    I applaud Dreampipe for launching this contest and I'd love to join with you and/or some of your readers to submit a sound proposal.

    1. David -- absolutely true. And the misery of NRW is much greater in those countries (I just expected something like this from the Swiss or equiv :)

      If you have ideas, let's talk. I am too busy to think about this for 2 weeks :(

  2. Hi David, when you come up for air please call or send an email: dafoster@aol.com 1 410 708 8244. I do have some ideas on this and would like to brainstorm them with you.


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