8 Sep 2015

We're number 4! Woo woo!

Thank you, to all of you who have voted to have my All-in-Auctions for water idea chosen for a climate change adaptation contest.

(The winner gets 10,000 EUR to spend on a pilot. I am thinking of Imperial Irrigation District, but I could go to India or somewhere else where allocation of scarce water is inefficient AND people are willing to try a new idea for fairness and efficiency.)

My entry is, sadly, not even in first place in the water category, so I need your votes!

(This is partially because I have no 300-student classes to command, but also because the user interface of the site is so badly designed.)

Anyway, if you can take a few minutes, it would be really great if you could vote for my idea.
  1. Go here to create a username (Not sure if Facebook or Google Connect work that well).
  2. Make a password (I suggest "aguanomics" since you're unlikely to use this site again AND it would be sad to use your normal password if they are hacked.)
  3. Check your email for confirmation (incl spam folder) OR try to login directly
  4. Go directly to the All-in-Auction entry to vote in four categories
  5. Submit!
  6. Recommend that others ALSO vote. Sharing is caring!

Thank you!

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