2 Sep 2015

WaterSmarts Calendar -- water poverty and infrastructure

Whoops! The summer vacation season got ahead of me! Here are two activities for the months of August and September:

Water poverty: Call your local water utility and ask if there are programs to help people who cannot pay their water bills. If there are, then how are they funded? If there are no programs, then what happens if people do not pay their bills?

Go here to answer these questions

Water infrastructure: Identify a major project (treatment plant, network extension, dam, etc.) at your water utility. Calculate its cost per resident

Example: Las Vegas's $817 million "third straw" will cost each of its 1.95 million residents $419!

Go here to answer these questions

These questions are from the August and September activities in the WaterSmarts Calendar (free to download). These activities are based on chapters 7 and 8 of Living with Water Scarcity (also free to download).

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