15 Sep 2015

One more time?

Many of you tried to vote for my all-in-auctions idea for the Best Climate Practices contest but were stymied by their defective user accounts system. I wrote this email:
I'm one of the entrants in this contest

I want you to know that I've had several dozen people GIVE UP on voting for my idea due to the flawed sign up, login and vote process...

These problems have, no doubt, affected others' attempts to vote. The flaws have made the contest less fun for people who want to participate.

Yes, Some idea will get the most votes, but it may not have been the most popular idea. (And we know that it may not be either the best idea nor the winning idea...)
... and they sent this reply:
The traffic on Best Climate Practices website has dramatically grown in the past days, the system slowed down and can not process all the requests that arrived.

There are many users that encountered the same problems as those of your contacts.

We are committed to give a chance of voting to as many people as possible, for this reason we decided to postpone the deadline for voting from Tuesday, Sept 15, to Friday, Sept 18.

Please tell your contacts that are still waiting for the confirmation email to directly write us indicating the username and email address they registered with. We'll provide for unblocking their accounts as soon as possible.
So, please do contact them (info@bestclimatepractices.org) if you want to try to vote. I will totally understand if you don't (transactions costs!), and THANK YOU for trying (and/or succeeding!)

Right now, AiA has 47 votes (897 points), and more is always helpful :)

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