2 Sep 2015

Best Climate Practices contest -- vote for my idea!

I entered my "all in auctions" idea (post with link to paper, presentation, etc.) in this contest being run by the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG).
Help us find the best climate practice to address water issues and food security

By voting, you will be able to influence which competing practice will win the prize of 10,000 Euros to develop the project.

The winning practice will be determined by a combination of both online voting results and the assessment by the international Expert Panel, this year featuring Michel Camdessus (Chair of FEEM advisory board); Carlo Carraro (ICCG and Ca’Foscari University of Venice); Raffaello Cervigni (World Bank); Frank Convery (University College Dublin); Alberto Garrido (Universidad Polit├ęcnica, Madrid).

If you want to give the most support to your preferred candidates, participate in the BCP online polls and share the competing practices on your social networks.
Vote for All in Auctions here!

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