19 Aug 2015

Thanks for the donations! Give more?

I have hit my "target" (400 minimum) with 400.60 in donations in my name for my ALS swim from Rogier Bleys, Joppe Brieffies, Diederik van den Burger, Cornelia Dinca, Todd Jarvis, Robert Morrow, Stefanie Stubbe, Graham Symmonds, Edwin van der Werf, Eric Wink, Edwin Woerdman.

They deserve a big thanks... THANKS!

If you still want to donate in support of ALS-research, then you can donate in my name, but that's not "as efficient" as helping out my neighbor, Caroline Britt, an Australian with a fierce love of swimming (and running and biking)! Just go here and follow the instructions (in Dutch but straightforward). She's raised 150 so far, so additional donations will help her "cross the line"!

I'll post photos after the event (6 Sep)

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