6 Aug 2015

Please support my swim for ALS

First training swim was 1.5km in 30 min (no visibility!)
In one month, I will swim 2km in Amsterdam's canals* as (1) a novel thing to do and (2) a means of raising money to fund research into ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis causes muscle wasting that will incapacitate, and eventually kill you. Its causes are not known. Anyone can get it. ALS is a rare disease in terms of death but the most common motor-degenerative disorder. (Stephen Hawking has it.)

As part of my swim, I have pledged to raise €400 ($450). Some people have already donated €100+ in my name (yay!)

If you would like to donate towards ALS research, then there are a few ways to go:
  1. You can donate directly through this Dutch-language portal. (They take credit cards, and the process is pretty clear.)
  2. You can send money to me via PayPal (dzetland@gmail.com) or Bitcoin (1JWQBHcPqubgik38oqLt2D9YrViY1YNLzp), which I will deposit under your name.
  3. You can hire me as a consultant (or guest speaker) on any water issues of interest. The "ALS Special" is half price ($50-150) for one hour, max.
Act now! The race is coming up soon!

Bottom Line: Forget the bucket challenge. I'm swimming to raise money for ALS!

* Here's a video of the course, with beats:


PH said...

I happened to be in Amsterdam two years ago and saw that swim, and wished I was doing it. I’m an ocean water swimmer, so I really like the way you are bringing these two streams together. Have a great time!

MGC said...

This is in sincere appreciation of your concern for ALS and your intent to swim 2kms in waters of Amsterdam. Is it not cold for you? Are you regularly swimming? Perhaps yes, since most Americans seem to swim. I did not know about this disease. It is not clear whether Stephen Hawking has this.

David Zetland said...

Yes, MGC, it's cold, so I have a wetsuit. I was actually afraid to swim (due to an instructor nearly drowning me when I was 6 years old), but I love swimming. I've added a link to Hawking, who does have ALS.

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