17 Jul 2015

Friday party!

This video is really worth watching for its portrayal of a man who enjoys his work and community. I'll note that it's really possible to take such a "low paying" job when you've got a social insurance system that works rather than one based on Social Darwinism.

I posted this video on reddit/basicincome and got this comment:
I like to think there are those in this world who already have basic incomes, and they are anyone who is currently pursuing whatever passion in life that they would do anyway.

If you don't do work for income, but instead your income allows you to do your work, you have a basic income.

This bike repairman has a basic income.

Also, I like the way he looks at problems. You can either patch a problem in a way that just requires infinite patches, or you can get to the root of the problem and fix it in way that negates the need for patch after patch.

Welfare programs as they exist today are patches. Minimum wage hikes are patches. Basic income negates the need for any more patches because it gets to the root of our problems - the lack of sufficient access to resources.

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