9 Jun 2015

Time for more water smarts!

You need water to grow cows!
It's time for another activity (in fact three!) for the 2015 Water Smarts Calendar.

First, let's look into the "water footprint" of the food you consume as well as the "water stress" of the place your food comes from. This short form (plus "research") should take you about 15-20 minutes.

Second, we're going back to March, to look at how much you pay for how much water you use in your house. I linked to an unreliable site, so here's a new one.

Third, there's STILL TIME to do May's activity: What's your water quality?

Finally, don't forget to download your own Water Smarts Calendar (and recommend it to others). How, after all, are you ever going to learn about the largest flood in recent times (500,000 dead, on purpose) or when the Antarctic was put under scientific protection -- both anniversaries in June -- if you don't download the calendar?!?

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