2 Jun 2015

Pat Mulroy's unsustainable drive

DG sent this profile of Pat Mulroy, from German immigrant to Brookings "Sustainability" Fellow, which clarifies where her "growth gene" came from and how she's continued to talk conservation while acting unsustainably. I left this comment:
This is absolutely brilliant. Thanks for doing the background on what I've been discussing for years, i.e., Mulroy's conservation window dressing on limitless growth. Is she right that "someone had to do it"? Maybe. But maybe (1) she didn't mind the moral tradeoff and (2) she could indeed have managed it better. I think, instead, that she's a real believer in limitless growth -- and thus one of the causes of our crises today. And I sure hope that nobody listens to her advice on how to run ruin cities.
Bottom Line: Don't listen to what someone says; watch what they do.

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