11 Jun 2015

Cowboys vs cameras

Maybe "Race & Waste" ?
The Dutch government issued 6.7 million speeding tickets in 2014. Numbers are hard to find for US states, but Wisconsin police issued 156,000 tickets in 2013. See the big difference in numbers? Adjusting for population (16.8 million in NL; 5.8 mil in WI), we see that the Dutch issue speeding tickets at 14x the rate of Wisconsin police.

Why the difference? The Dutch use speed cameras, and the WI police "chase down the bad guys."

What's another difference? The Dutch are far more likely to obey laws (total tickets dropped from 10.3 million in 2013 to 8.3 million in 2014), due to the high risk of getting caught. They are rolling out "safety cameras" at dangerous intersections.

Bottom Line: Enforce laws as effectively as possible. It's worth retiring cowboys adrenalin junkie cops if you get more safety at a lower cost.