3 Jun 2015

Anything but water

  1. Politwhoops stores politicians' deleted tweets (lots of edits, but some gaffes)

  2. Just trying to deceive you: clickbait shysters and making slot machines addictive

  3. Small motors help women start small businesses. Related (bottom up): Crowdsourcing medical diagnosis

  4. "Absent fathers and feminised schools are driving boys into a disconnected online world of porn and video games." Related: Alienated/jobless youth turn to terrorism (Belgian who joined ISIS). Next up? Angola (corruption + lost oil revenue)

  5. Bookmark this: make a webpage printer friendly (or download the PDF)

1 comment:

  1. Twitter just blocked the US version of Politwoops. http://tktk.gawker.com/twitter-just-killed-politwoops-1708842376


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