15 Jun 2015

Aguanomics reloaded

After seven years of blogging, I have gotten pretty good at filling in the 8-posts-per-week template (Five morning posts -- including speed blogging and anything but water -- Monday funnies, Friday party, and the Flashback), but this structure is not working for me.

First, I feel like it's an obligation to constantly save and queue items.

Second, I'm not sure if many posts are worthy. Yes, people may read them (I know that posts average 200 views) but then what? I don't see much value in posts that do not evoke debate or discussion. That's too much to ask for a cat video, of course.

Third, I think that few people hit the blog every day, which implies that there's too much material.

So, I'm going to make two changes.
  1. I will post once or twice per week on topics I hope are worth discussing and sharing.
  2. I will tweet more (usually with an opinion) on links that are worth viewing.
These changes mean that you can choose your level of exposure, i.e.,
  • Twitter for multiple updates per day
  • This blog for topics a few times per week
  • My mailing list for an overview of what I'm up to twice per month
  • My books [pdf] if you want an overview on politics and economics of water
  • My popular or academic writing for concise or deep explorations, respectively
  • My teaching or consulting for general or specific insights, respectively
I hope that this works out for you. I really enjoy blogging, but it has its place.

Bottom Line: Let's communicate in a way that works for you!