27 May 2015

The plague of innumeracy

Nothing like outrage to get me to photoshop...
A loyal reader writes:
People seem to think that desalination is the solution. I attempted to explain – using rough costs to recycle wastewater versus desalination ($800-1200 versus $1200-1800 per acre-foot) x 100,000 acre-feet. These folks couldn’t follow the calculation and still thought desal was the way to go. I bought another pint and laughed.
...and that may be all you can do, except cry, when you realize that the larger the share of people with weak critical thinking (all they've got is gut), the larger the probability that you will suffer from stupid ideas.

1 comment:

  1. I'd just add a caveat to your last sentence, "... If the problem everyone is facing is relatively novel."


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