29 May 2015

Speed blogging

  1. Two sides of a drought: California farmers forfeit their water to protect themselves from future political seizures of water and Colorado farmers lease water to each other to maximize benefits under scarcity

  2. Daily Kos et al, meanwhile, go sixpack-stupid in petitioning to "punish Nestle" for unpermitted water use (as predicted) when much water use in California is not even measured, let alone paid for

  3. Metropolitan is thinking of spending $350 million on more lawn removal in the LA area. That money will come from "fixed charges" in Met's system, not from heavy water users. I think it would be more clever to raise the price of water (generating revenue!), thereby giving people a REASON to use less water

  4. Why should San Diego recycle its water? It's cheaper than desal and their existing water supplies have already gone through 200 wastewater treatment plants people's toilets

  5. I gave a talk last week at the Society for Environmental Law and Economics: "When worlds collide: Business meets bureaucracy in the water sector" (PDF slides and 30m MP3). I need to revise the paper
H/Ts to BB, EF, NM and RM

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