20 May 2015

Speed blogging

  1. Greedy Environment Steals California's Water -- a nice discussion of WHAT water "the environment" is using. Related: How, What, When and Where of Aquatic Thermalscapes [pdf] will help folks trying to understand the temperature side of environmental water quality

  2. People freak out that Nestle has been pumping water "without a permit" but (1) it's not much water (vs ag water use) and (2) maybe the bureaucracy failed to issue the permit

  3. How the Saudis depleted their groundwater

  4. This 2013 story about Bakersfield families facing outrageous water bills is interesting for three reasons. First, it shows how different utilities (with different costs, regulators and operating methods) result in "unfair" prices. Second, it shows how people use less water when prices are high. Third, it shows how powerless people feel when the (monopoly) utility insists it's not wrong. (The meter reader was not subtracting the previous month's reading to get the month's usage. Those who asked for refunds got them; those who didn't lost a lot of money.)

  5. Why isn't there a "water corps" like the Peace Corps, to help young professionals get started, help underserved communities get help, and help older managers learn/teach others on different ways of doing things? It's not just engineers without borders
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