14 May 2015

Speed blogging

  1. A nonagenarian professor tells it like it is: Water and Drought in the Valley. This post gives an excellent overview of California's (non-)markets for water

  2. Fresno wastes water compared to Santa Fe. Why? Higher prices. (Oh, and don't forget that my conservation pricing scheme is better for fiscal stability)

  3. A very interesting article on water charities (I'm quoted, but it's more than just me :)

  4. Morocco's water situation and strategy (I understand that they are filling a "service deficit," thus it's too early to worry about demand controls). Related: Water in New Zealand is under stress due to (guess what!) dairy farmers claiming they cannot give up any water to the Maori or environment :(

  5. Jerry Brown doesn't care about democracy when he wants tunnels to finish the project he started in the 70s. Does he have supporters? Sure, how about all of those who will benefit from spending $25 billion of other people's money?
H/Ts to BB and RM

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