6 May 2015

Speed blogging

  1. Fascinating insights to water management (and mismangement) in Ghana, Ethiopia (desert wells and drying rivers) and Spain, which is nearly identical to California in infrastructure overreach, groundwater theft and impending shortages

  2. There's an academic workshop on managing water demand in London on 16-17 Sep. Deadline for paper submission is 15 June. I'm planning to go...

  3. Aquadoc summarizes the OECD's report on water governance

  4. Yesterday, Karen Bakken (UBC) started teaching a FREE edX course on "innovative urban solutions to the global water crisis, with inspiring real-life examples from architects, engineers, planners, ecologists, and artists." Hurry up and join!

  5. A beautiful essay from 1979 on the interconnected flows of water in California

  6. I'm quoted in articles on farms vs fishes, almonds as a scapegoat (in Dutch), and how water markets can help farmers. I also gave a talk on "Pricing water for fiscal and environmental sustainability" (PDF slides and 21m MP3) in London. Oh, and I wrote an op-ed against desalination as a "first stop" solution for the LA Times.
H/T to DL

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