19 May 2015

Good staff trump everything

Some people may mistake my criticism of failures in water management as failures of ALL water managers.

They would be wrong.

No factor is more important for water utility performance than the dedication of staff.

They have the position, knowledge and opportunity to take the right actions to ensure that citizens get reliable water at a fair price.

But some staff are not as public oriented as we'd like [pdf], which is where we need to introduce competition, benchmarking, transparency, insurance etc

Bottom Line: It's great to live in a first best world. Those who do not need to take corrective action.


  1. In late June I am going to visit Terry Spragg www.waterbag.com

    Why has this water transport option never got traction ?


    Richard Macdonald

    1. http://www.aguanomics.com/2015/05/supply-side-solutions-waste-your-money.html


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