12 May 2015

Anything but water

Truth on top, lies on the bottom (52% apple/orange juice)
  1. Here's a thought: Eastern Europe and other countries too dependent on Russia's natural gas should incinerate their rubbish. "Clean" incineration will produce less pollution than landfills and about the same (or less) carbon from combustion, while reducing dependence on a country that doesn't mind destabilizing neighbors. Greens claim that incineration "takes away" rubbish from recycling, but their numbers are terrible: the countries with the highest recycling are also keen incinerators. Eastern european countries landfill over 75 percent of their waste

  2. John Oliver points out that the IRS is not the enemy -- Congress is responsible for tax complexity. Speaking of corrupt laws serving corporations over citizens: Copyright prevents farmers from using (or repairing) their tractors

  3. Detroit is back: tough, cheap and real

  4. Yoram Bauman (author of The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change) is one of the organizers for a carbon tax in Washington State. Go help out! Related: The EU moves to reduce the oversupply of carbon permits (due to political shenanigans) that had crashed prices... and thus the incentive reduce carbon use

  5. This guy picked up trash, cleaning a riverbank, on the way to work. If your city is incompetent, then you've got to take care of your environment

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