8 Apr 2015

Speed blogging

Send this to your local water manager (source [pdf] via here)
  1. My "some for free, pay for more" idea in practice:
    Santa Cruz officials say their City Council will vote April 14 on whether to reinstate a rationing program that cut water use by a quarter last year by providing every home 10 units of water for about $4 per unit -- and basically charging $50 per unit above that.
    Although I now prefer higher uniform pricing (rather than a $4 to $50 jump) and worry about residents per home, I can see the value of this plan when people are already down to 50 gallons each per day and there's a need to protect basic provision

  2. I'm quoted in a quote about pricing and markets in Newsweek and a good reprise of my 2011 post on why the poor have phones but not toilets

  3. Whoops. Looks like water fluoridation is turning into a bad idea

  4. Not April Fools: Legalize marijuana to preserve California rivers. April Fools: Texans take over S. America's Guarani aquifer

  5. Egypt's government is allowing its oases to die... perhaps as part of a larger "Pharaonic trend" of wasteful projects

  6. Wave energy technology is improving and California's marine protected areas are slowly recovering from over-use
H/Ts to RH, RM and SJ


  1. I don't think that paper is the final say on fluoridation. Here is a debate on the issue: http://msof.nz/tag/rita-barnett-rose/

    1. No surprise but Great Link. Thanks!


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