17 Apr 2015

Speed blogging

(This should clear out the backlog of links...)
  1. The Omni-processor produces clean water and energy by burning sewage sludge. Makes sense on a small scale (e.g., ship) but maybe not large scale, due to cost. Vancouver, OTOH, has a larger waste-to-energy district heating system in place. Thoughts?

  2. WaterFund offers hedge and debt products benchmarked against on water scarcity (they index prices for some cities). I'm curious about the accuracy of their benchmarks and value of their products to investors. Anyone?

  3. USGS reports on America's groundwater quality

  4. Awesome! "Grass Valley irrigation company creates Montana's first private water bank" (I was slightly involved)

  5. Oklahoma's academics and bureaucrats don't talk about fracking-induced earthquake because their salaries come from energy companies

  6. From Canada: "A Primer on Conservation-Oriented Water Pricing," "Evolving Water Allocations," and "Using Markets to Transfer Water Rights in Canada"
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