15 Apr 2015

Speed blogging

Waves of Trash in Indonesia
  1. I'm quoted in this good article on pricing water to address scarcity and interviewed on California's crisis by Deutsche Welle (German radio)

  2. Aquadoc has excellent posts on misleading measures of water use (fracking and Nestle come in WELL below 1 percent), why it's not a good idea to recharge aquifers with seawater and how to understand groundwater systems. That last on is important because, e.g., "15-40 percent of a river's flow comes from the water below ground"

  3. Here are many many case studies on how to address water scarcity. They are looking for more! Related: Case studies and tools for climate adaption

  4. Here's a really great infographic on different water flows and uses (like my book in pictures!)

  5. Wow. UC Davis scientists built this "Augmented Reality Sandbox with Real-Time Water Flow Simulation"

  6. SJ Water explains where customer money goes (in terms of system costs) as well as why their finances are mostly from (unstable) volumetric charges. Time for them to adapt my pricing scheme for fairness, efficiency and revenue stability!
H/Ts to MC and BP

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