27 Apr 2015

Monday funnies

Make money fast!

A man buys a horse from a farmer for $1,000. He pays half as a deposit, and when he goes to pick up the horse, the farmer informs him that it's dead. The man asks for a refund but the farmer advised that he already spent it. The man takes possession of the dead horse and leaves angrily.

A month later, the farmer runs into the man at the bank and notices he's depositing nearly $5,000 in cash. The farmer asks where he got it and the man says "Well, after you ripped me off, I started selling raffle tickets for a horse. I sold about a 1,000 at $5 each."

The farmer says, "Well wasn't the guy pissed off to find out the horse he won was dead?"

The man smiles and says "yup, so I gave him his $5 back"

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