9 Apr 2015

I'm doing an AMA on Reddit TODAY

I did AMAs (ask me anythings) about water in July and November last year.

The onslaught of news and interest in drought in California, shortage in Sao Paulo, rising sea levels in Florida, and other water-related issues prompts me to go in again.


If you're looking for more, check out these posts on California, politics and economics:
And... how messy laws and fierce lawyers block and complicate change
As usual, I recommend prices in cities and markets for farms as the means of reducing demand and allocating limited supply, respectively. California's dire situation may not leave enough time for those actions, so I described more interventionist actions here.

Bottom Line: I'm glad to see more economics in these discussions. Now we only need politicians who can understand and explain how economics can minimize losses from drought and prevent shortages. Here's a handy book that will get you (and them!) started.

* Ironically, I think that OTPR's suggestion may be useful in its "come to Jesus" imposition of $millions in losses on farmers who are basically playing chicken with the government (i.e., "we planted these trees and will lose huge if they do not get water EVERY year.") I think it's time to show that they are driving a Yugo into the freight train of reality.
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